Our restaurant provides all sorts of home made lebanese dishes (seafood speciality) which surely please your taste.

Appetizers: Zaatar, Rocca, Cheese rolls, Spring rolls, Labneh, Kabiss, Hommos, Moutabbal, French fries, Vegetables.
Salads: Taboule, Fatouch, Salad.
Side Orders: Shrimp rolls, Shrimp pane, Calamari, Calamari pane, Octopus, Fish 'Kebbe', Tagen, sushi.
Daily Fresh sea food: Fish - Fried or grilled (Sultan, Malifa, Jarbide, Lekkos, Sarghous, Abou sen, bezre..), Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Urchin...
Meat and Poultry: Kafta, Taouk, Hamburger, Chicken Burger, Cheese Burger.