Nothing beats simply sitting in the sun and observing the ocean swell, or watching your kids frolic. Indeed swimming is great exercise and a lot of fun, but there are plenty more activities that make your day at White Beach a rewarding experience.

Windsurfing is a water sport that provides an adrenalin rush to anyone who loves the outdoors. It's fun and easy with our instructor's professional approach. The basic skills can be learned within few hours with all your equipment provided. You've always wanted to try it, now you can!

It doesn't matter if you are young, old, or just simply hesitant. Give it a try! For those who love surfing, no matter what level of experience you have, or even if you just like to watch, you are most welcomed!

Whether it is your first time on a body board or you have been catching the waves for a while, you will enjoy a genuine wilderness experience..

Fun for the entire Family! Watch for a big variety of fish on a scenic ride and explore the area's beautiful snorkeling sites. The crystal clear safe water and abundant marine life near our shores offer a great adventure for any skill level.

Imagine being the skipper of your own craft, close to the water, traveling in silence. Kayaks give you the unique ability to glide slowly over shallow reefs and tuck in close to the shoreline where few other craft can go. This is a truly fantastic way to experience the area with its endless sea caves to explore. And it's not unusual to see some sea turtles during your tour. This is an outbound experience. No wimps!We'll provide you with the basic tips before you start.

Scuba diving:
White Beach is a favorite destination for scuba divers, mostly because of the rich maritime life and a pollution free clear water.
Dive around caves, explore sunken boat wrecks or take a night dive and explore the fantastic world of nocturnal marine life!

Laser sailing:
Learning to sail for the first time is great fun! Racing or cruising in foamy waves is even more fantastic! White Beach provides ideal and safe sailing waters for all levels of proficiency. Qualified and experienced instructors will be guiding you along. Sailing is a sport for all. Touch the water and enjoy getting wet!

Unlike other sports, which rely on special skills, anyone can fish. It is not seasonal, you can fish all year round. Bring along your fishing gear, get a spot and enjoy a sunny fishing day at White Beach. We can even turn your catch of the day into a delicious unforgettable meal.